About Us

We provide the essentials for travellers arriving in the UK. Please note we are a private agency and not affiliated with the job center plus, UK government or any government body. We charge a fee for our service which involves checking your application for errors and lodging your application with the Job Centre Plus.

Currently the only option to apply for a National Insurance Number with the job center plus is to make a phone call. Our service was set up to help those who can not communicate English well enough to be able to pass over there details over the phone! You can change our online application into any language! Apply at your leisure and leave the rest to us.

We also offer convenience for our clients. You might not have enough time to phone up yourself and register, so employ us to do it all for you. Its not uncommon for waiting times to be between 15-30 minutes to get connected to an agent. You would have to phone back again if there isn't a suitable appointment available or you need to re-book. All it takes is one email to us and your appointment will be rebooked for your requested date/time. Sometimes there aren't any available appointments at your local Job Centre, if this was the case you would have to keep calling back to check if there are any openings.

Not only do we provide an alternative we also provide travel routes to your appointment and translation of documents if necessary.

Our replacement service also offers convenience to our customers who are already in the UK. Currently if you do not know your National Insurance Number you will have to send off documents via post. This requires a printer, envelopes and stamps. Without having all 3 you may find it difficult to send off the require forms to recover your National Insurance Number. We also check every application for omissions and errors as they could delay you retrieving your National Insurance Number.

Other Services available 

CV Translation
Help with finding employment
Interview Preparation
Residence search

New Number

EU-Citizens and Eligible travelers holding work permitted VISA's will be able to apply online for their national insurance number.

If you have UK Citizenship but was not born in the United Kingdom please apply for a new number.

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Already Have A Number?

You are able to recover your number using our replacement service if you have been a UK-Citizen since birth or have already been issued a national insurance number in the past. You do not have to apply for a new number, your original can not be changed.

Recover Your Number